Our Story

UNMISH founded by Mrs. Nita Diwan in August 2009, embarked on its journey of offering continuum care for special children. It started with one child and has now grown into a fully operational and multiservice centre with a large number of children. Presently the organization is located in New Alipore, has a team of 15 specialists and has worked with over 1300 children till date. Being a self-help group specializing in assistive and rehabilitation technology, UNMISH is dedicated in improving the quality of life of parents and their children. Its expert and multidisciplinary team works to meet the constantly increasing and complex needs of our special ones. We believe, if given access to specialized facilities every child has a better chance to bloom and become self-independent to the best of their ability.

Unmish Cares

Unmish has expertise and experience to deal with the following conditions:
ASD –Autism Spectrum Disorder
CP-Cerebral Palsy
Sensory Issues
Learning Disability
Down Syndrome
Behavioral Problem
Hearing Impairment /Delayed Speech
Post-operative Rehabilitation
Undetected Vision Problem in preschool children
All types of Developmental Disorders and Syndromes


UNMISH dreams of an ‘Inclusive Society’ where ‘Social Inclusion’ is not just a concept, but also practiced in reality.


To make the life of a child easy and independent.
To be a moral support for every parent who is rearing a child needing special care.
To enhance lives, maximizes function, inspire hopes and import dignity in a child coming to us for expertise and affection.