Special Projects

UNMISH’s projects have been two fold. Firstly, it has tried to create awareness amongst the people and parents about the needs of special children. Secondly, it has taken initiatives to directly help the children by providing orthosis and analyzing their needs personally.


Inclusion is the motto and aim towards which UNMISH works tirelessly.

Young students of Modern High School For Girls, Kolkata have contributed in this approach of ours. We create a classroom where MHS students sit side by side along with our students. These classes are conducted with specialists from UNMISH. This enhances their social skills, reduces anxiety and inhibition, children learn to follow group instructions, learn to wait for their turn and become comfortable in unknown situations.

At the end of each session we find that both our students as well as the MHS students learn and grow as people both socially and otherwise.

Lakshyapurti Program

Children having Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorder are unable to walk without assistance of AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) and other orthosis. AFO is externally applied to the foot to prevent deformity of the foot as well as ankle and helps in walking. Since 2011, UNMISH is running this project whereby we regularly provide AFOs and other orthosis to the underprivileged. Since giving the AFO is not enough in itself, every child is given a session to make them accustomed to it. Till now we have distributed over 250 AFO’s. Our Donors specifically sponsor AFO’S as it means a child sit, stand and walk independently.

Indradhanush Program (Child Assessment)

Under our Indradhanush programme we screen school going children to identify those children who go unnoticed in a regular school setup. It helps the child, the school and the parents for a better development, reducing the number of the school dropout, due to learning disability and other socially unacceptable behavior. A regular follow-up is required.

One of the schools we screened was Ek Tara Foundation. We screened about 550 children in the month of March this year and found about 8-10% of the children would require specialized therapy and education. Currently, they are coming to UNMISH for therapy and special education at regular intervals.

Hospital Service Program

One out of every five child requires special attention. From the very first day when a child is born it is important to identify those children. UNMISH opened a therapy Unit at Sanjivaan Hospital, Uluberia, in November 2012 seeing patients in OPD, NICU and SCUBU. We are also planning to tie up in the near future with other hospitals.

Parental Awareness Program

A parent is the best teacher and therapist to their child. They face a lot of issues as the child grows up and seek answer to their queries. Unmish trains parents so that they work as a team with us for the global development of the child. UNMISH held’s various Parental Awareness Program at Unmish Center as well as schools. One such program was held at Primary Colors on 28th February, 2013. Parents gathered to listen to a talk on various issues faced by special children in their formative years. Parents also discussed the problems faced due to lack of awareness.

Seminar with Doctors

UNMISH invited Pediatric Neurologist Doctor, RAJIV SAMANTA, from Indian Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata to give information about Neuro Motor disorder and treatment. He interacted and answered questions of parents whose children are undergoing therapy at UNMISH. More doctors, specialists & therapists have conducted workshops.

Rural Health Programs

Unmish takes initiative every year to conduct Rural health program wherein we target one village and screen all the schools and houses of that area. Through this survey we want to assess the percentage of regular school going children falling under the category of special needs.

One such survey was conducted in February 2015, to help under privileged children at the NGO "Help Us Help Them", Mallickpur. A totally free assessment was given to all the children and they were also given free follow ups.