Piaget spectrum "Golden Horse glory moment", record the important moments of Chinese film moments

The famous Swiss watch and jewelry brand Piaget Earl, for four consecutive years as the Chinese film's oldest film award - Golden Horse Award Chief Xiangzhan, for many years to promote the art and film industry count, not only since 2008, sponsored by the United States independent spirit Film Award, also for six consecutive years as the Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony theme sponsorship. Each year by the Earl and the Golden Horse Executive Committee envisaged the implementation of the "Golden Horse glory moment" shooting plan for the shortlisted Golden Horse Award for the director and male and female left a charming harvest, record the important moment of the Chinese film bright moment. Back to behind the scenes reproduce the replica watches classic picture of shortlisted works Earl and the Golden Horse Executive Committee this year to work together again, shooting into the shadow of the shadow, the director of the "Golden Horse glory moment" photos, gathered in Hong Kong and Taiwan stars of the stars, to reproduce this year's film short film. Under the lens, you finalists again back to the film state, to reproduce the charming acting and vivid expression; more in the count of the bright jewelry works and watch against the background, the glory of the image of the irresistible confidence and charm. The film was designed by the famous stylist Liu Daqiang for the finalists, and once again by the well-known Hong Kong Secret 9 production company - the famous photographer CK led his team responsible for shooting work, build the finalists, the day across the Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing's four great plans. Once again take this shooting plan Secret 9, and Kinmen and Matsu, the count to cultivate a great understanding, but also good at capturing the true feelings of the stars moments; and many artists celebrity Queen stylist Liu Daqiang, also with swiss replica watches their own unique taste, to create the most appropriate Into the shadow of the classic, and memorable image. As the chief of the Golden Horse Award Xiang, Piaget also dazzling jewelry and watch embellished stars, set off a great star big guide, gestures reveal the unique charm. Back to behind the scenes reproduce the classic picture of shortlisted works Participate in the shooting of "Golden Horse glory moment" the best director, the best male and female lead the finalists on the role of filming and state of mind, the enthusiasm of the film work and the original intention, as well as the Golden Horse Award winners, all in the master team together , Depicting the current, retained eternal touched. Golden Horse Award Chief Xiangzan Earl, to select high-level watch and gorgeous jewelry for the finalists make-up, so that the shooting plan and the Golden Horse Award forever bright brilliance. The fifty-third Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held on November 26th, Taipei National Father Memorial Hall held a grand, note the film and the count met the moving moments. Participate in the "Golden Horse glory moment" shooting finalists include: Best Director: Johnnie To, Feng Xiaogang, Zhong Menghong, Zhao Deyin, Zeng Guoxiang Best actor: Xu Guanwen, Liang Jiahui, Ke Zhendong, Fan Wei Best Actress: Fan Bingbing, Xu Weining, Wu Kexi, Ma Si-chun, Zhou Dongyu Best Director: Feng Xiaogang Feng Xiaogang choose a humorous way to replica watches write pessimistic script, boldly enabled Fan Bingbing play personality does not please the audience "Li Xuelian", challenge the fans viewing habits to "round" show the film screen, all the challenges to Feng Xiaogang shooting "I am not Pan Jinlian" To abandon the previous film experience, re-learning, this film is also the most able to show Feng Xiaogang adhere to their own ideas and opinions of a finished. The film "round" shaped screen, in addition to the audience to think of the Song Dynasty landscape painting composition, to strengthen the "I am not Pan Jinlian" a Chinese background, the further description of the heroine "Li Xuelian" against the big system of smooth human. Johnnie To Famous director Johnnie To, this year to "three" eighth degree nominated Golden Horse Award for best director. He talked about this film for their own in recent years, many events in Hong Kong's own feelings, to "true" and "false" ideas, reflect on the modern definition of morality. This film is worth noting that Johnnie To use a mirror in the end the way to require actors to slow action interpretation of complex gunfight, a move is a few months of the actors are training the results of the body, we can see the director for the details of the requirements of the film meticulous. Zhong Menghong "The film is never exaggerated, the film is the most exaggerated life." Therefore, "all the way down" in the Hong Kong taxi drivers and drug traffickers two people The personality of the different backgrounds of life staggered seemingly exaggerated, but in fact the material adapted from a few real taxi drivers seem, listen to anecdotes interesting. Zhong Menghong use different occupations and personality to show Taiwan's life in a mixture of Taiwan's southern scenery and cultural scenery to bring out a thrilling journey, warm shoot from different places in Taiwan this piece of land to accommodate each other and appreciate each other's customs The Zhao Deyin New director Zhao Deyin once again to social grassroots young people to pursue a better life and the desire for new life as the theme of the Golden Horse Award for best director, and "Jade City" finalists for the best documentary, but also won the annual Taiwan outstanding film workers sure. "Goodbye tile city" script from Zhao Deyin analysis and re-restore, combined with many people around the real events, the film used a lot of long scenes of the story, in addition to the male and female more involved in the plant workers, the slow pace also captured the characters Long waiting for the realization of the dream, once again reflects the use of Zhao Yiyin to affect the use of the film narrative way. Zeng Guoxiang Has been shortlisted Golden Horse Award for the new director of the award of Zeng Guoxiang male visual departure, a profound description of the two girls from adolescents to middle age beyond the friendship of the fetters. "July and Ansheng" at first glance is a youth film, but in fact explored the deeper women's self-consciousness, Zeng Guoxiang use empathy, "understand every role has a good side, as a director must find every The role of sympathy for the place, "the personal point of view, delicate to convey the" July "and" Ansheng "two tangled wrestling, narrative approach close to the people and experience, successfully nominated Golden Horse Award for best director. Best Actor: Xu Guanwen The famous Hong Kong comedian Xu Guanwen first cross-sea to filming, playing a Hong Kong to Taiwan more than 20 years of taxi drivers, in addition to face the challenges on the accent, but also the director asked the acting do not use the past comedy way interpretation ... Natural acting not only amused the audience laugh, but also shortlisted Golden Horse Award for best actor. Shooting "Golden Horse glory moment", wearing Altiplano hollow watch and Possession ring of Xu Guanwen does not change the humorous nature, revealing a serious but funny smile style. Liang Jiahui Actor Tony Leung once again to "chills 2" in the police gangster Li Wenbin nominated Golden Horse Award for best actor. "Chills" in the Li Wenbin plays focus on the use of forces and strict parental authority to show, "Shiver 2" in the Li Wenbin is increased by the father and respect the teacher's emotional expression. The face of the lens has long been familiar with the timid Liang Jiahui, wearing Piaget Polo S watch and Possession ring against the background, the whole body is more attractive style of eye-catching. Fan Wei The background for the comic actor Fan Weigong uphold the "deep water" mood, with the depths of the subtle understanding of the "problem is not a problem" in a "director Ding" on the wait on the boss, told the subordinate to the subordinates. The film background for the anti-war period of the farm, but Fan Wei pointed out that "the film is a farm, but in fact seem to say that the whole society, including interpersonal relationships, values, etc. are everyone need to review the part of different cultures and people of different ages The film will have a different understanding of this piece is the most wonderful place. "Fan Wei wearing Altiplano watch, with rich body movements and expression highlights the deep foundation. Fan Bingbing For the first time nominated Golden Horse Award for best actress Fan Bingbing, has long been a best supporting actress Golden Horse trophy, which was just into the film this line she is a great encouragement, like urging her to pursue the interesting role of the future , Exhort her to feel the joy of each acting. "I am not Pan Jinlian" is a woman's growth process, it is a woman's transformation experience, "Li Xuelian" hard is the film's humor is not easy place, the film's laughter and tears in the The audience of different backgrounds seems to have different reactions. Fan Bingbing choose to wear elegant elegant Piaget Rose earrings and ring into the mirror, against the background of Fan Bingbing itself unique style children. Ma Si Chun "July and Ansheng" in July is Ma Si pure less try the role, she also admitted that until the real play to find the original July this role is so difficult, but by linking their own sensitive personality and July depression Of the pain, she found the difficulty is also the most attractive to her to play the script one of the reasons. Ma Si-chun high school period is July and Ansheng's book fans, did not expect one day will become the book inside the people, but also because of the role of the interpretation of the opportunity to give her a lot of encouragement and gifts. Through this gift of life, Ma Si-chun for the first time won the Golden Horse Award for best actress nomination, so that "July and Ansheng" Ma Si-chun is more meaningful. Ma Si pure choice Limelight Gala Milan network woven belt watch and Piaget Rose series of jewelry with her sparkling confidence, the enthusiasm of the film hold the ideal. Zhou Dongyu Zhou Dongyu said: "I am every movie is my every experience", because "July and An Sheng" in the Ansheng has a week of winter rain has not experienced childhood and life, she was deeply attracted by the show, Think that the role is a fate is also a challenge to their own. In addition to thanks to the Golden Horse Award affirmed, Zhou Dongyu also thank the director selected her interpretation of "An Sheng" corner. Zhou Dongyu wear Possession series of jewelry, the use of pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and other multi-level mixed out of her pleasant youthful atmosphere. Xu Weining Finalist of the Golden Horse Award for the best actress Xu Weining that the interpretation of each role must first find the role and actors common place and link, and the "red girl" Shen Yijun in common is that many times around will produce Sense of security, but also because of this, Xu Weining overcome their own fear of ghosts psychological barriers to shoot "red girl", "This is a tug of war with their own, you can always better than now you only future you." Xu Weining said so. In order to show the fear of nature, filming a half months Xu Weining are in a tight state, put themselves in the role and fear of the situation, so into the play level, creating her in the film at different levels of fear of performance. Xu Weining outstanding temperament in the Earl Possession earrings, rings and necklace simple and delicate against the background, even more vulgar and moving. Wu Kexi In order to successfully interpret the "goodbye tile city" from the countryside, the lofty ambitions of life, "Lotus Green", Wu Kexi deep in Myanmar Yunnan restaurant work wash dishes, Thai factories do a year for women, during which suffered a lot of confusion and doubts, but Relying on their own exploration and inner self-questioning self-answer way, began to have more and more clear outline of the role, the "lotus" from scratch, molded into Wu Kexi, there are other immigrant female workers shadow role. One year for the preparation of the mind of the exercise, so that she can achieve the director asked the "do not have acting acting", successfully nominated Golden Horse Award for best actress. Wu Kexi wear Possession earrings, bracelets and rings in the lens under the natural show does not create a unique atmosphere.