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Inner Wheel Club, Central Calcutta

30 Nov, 2018

Visit from Inner Wheel Club, Central Calcutta

Members of the Inner Wheel Club, Central Calcutta visited Unmish and contributed to growth of our organisation.


23 Nov, 2018


Unmish participated in the 13th Annual National Conference conducted by the Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy. The theme of the conference was Cerebral Palsy, A Transdisciplinary Approach, held from 23rd to 25th November, 2018 at Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata where we showcased all the vocational products made by our children.

Ek Mutthi - Clay and Dance Workshop

20 Nov, 2018

Ek Mutthi - Clay and Dance Workshop 

Unmish was invited by AKSHAR School to participate in ‘Ek Mutthi’ a clay and dance workshop for an integrated set up. Art plays a significant role in our children’s development and through clay modeling and dance the children learnt self-expression, self-confidence and problem solving skills.

Children's Day 2018

14 Nov, 2018

Children's Day 2018

The children at Unmish enjoyed this day by watching the movie Jungle Book, foot tapping to peppy tunes, rhyme-time and enjoying with all their teachers. To make this day more memorable, the children took home a handmade card, a balloon, a cake and a smiley.

Diwali Celebrations with La Martiniere Interact Club

06 Nov, 2018

Diwali Celebrations with La Martiniere Interact Club

Diwali -The Festival of Lights, at Unmish, was celebrated with all its little stars, their parents and the students of the La Martiniere School Girls and Boys Interact Club. Our children, dressed in traditional attire, painted diyas and lit them. Keeping  pollution in mind we only lit a few sparklers for the children. This was followed by refreshments and cake for everyone.

Festival Workshop

29 Oct, 2018

Festival Workshop

For Children with Special Needs

Venue: Unmish
       98 ND Block E, New Alipore, Kol - 53
Date: 29th October to 2nd November, 2018
Time: 2.00pm to 4.30pm
Registration Fees: Rs 1500/-
Phone No: 9831252226


29 Oct, 2018

Festival Workshop

To inculcate  in the child Values, Customs and Traditions.

Venue: Unmish
       98 ND Block E, New Alipore, Kol - 53
Date: 29th October to 2nd November, 2018
Time: 10.00am to 12.30pm
Age Group: 3-5 years
Registration Fees: Rs 2500/-


Phone No: 9831252226


29 Oct, 2018


Registration Form for Special Needs Children

29 Oct, 2018

DOWNLOAD FORM - Registration Form for Special Needs Children

World Cerebral Palsy Day 6 October

06 Oct, 2018

World Cerebral Palsy Day 6 October

By giving free consultation and phsiotherapy sessions based on neuro developmental techniques.

Limited Sessions Available.


Venue: Unmish
       98 ND Block E, New Alipore, Kol - 53
Phone No: 8420154540 / 9831252226


31 Aug, 2018

Congratulations to all students of Unmish who made products in the vocational unit. We sold them at EK PACKET UMEED. Thank you Ayush Sarda for all the support. 
3 cheers to our students who won a cash prize. Keep it up.

Unmish Celebrated Raksha Bandhan

26 Aug, 2018

Unmish Celebrated Raksha Bandhan

A festival of love, faith and trust
Celebrating bonding amongst each other.


15 Aug, 2018

Unmish hosted a program on Independence Day  Every year we celebrate this day with a new zeal , inculcating patriotism.

World Environment Day 5th June 2018

05 Jun, 2018

Unmish celebrates World Environment Day 5thJune 2018. Children made paper bags,boats, and enjoyed dancing,singing and painting with students from St. Xaviers College from Enactus.

Unmish Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

08 Apr, 2018

Unmish Celebrates World Autism Awareness day on 8th April, 2018 at ICCR, by staging POORNAM.

Regular school and college students integrated with our children for the holistic portrayal of their combined abilities. Band performance by DHWANI BAND, music and dance, complemented with a short musical play will end with a ramp walk comprising of  Eminent personalities from all walks of life walked with our children.

Picnic 13th Jan 2018

13 Jan, 2018

Like every year we had an amazing picnic with more than 100 students and parents coming We had amazing games, dance, singing along with food. The picnic was a great success. All our children and their parents enjoyed and participated in all the activities.

Lakshyapurti Program 2017

30 Dec, 2017

Lakshyapurti Program 2017 – Giving free Orthosis at Moyna District, Medinipur

Celebrating Christmas

25 Dec, 2017

The month of December marks Christmas. We at Unmish put a smile on every childs face by celebrating Christmas with our children

Children’s Day Celebration

14 Nov, 2017

14th November marks as one of the most important days for us. Our children mean everything to us. To see them smile and happy keeps us motivated. We had celebrated Children’s Day in our institute where the children had given amazing performances and we had a very pleasant music session with all of them. The children, siblings and parents enjoyed thoroughly. 

Diwali celebrations At Unmish

18 Oct, 2017

Unmish celebrated Diwali on 18.10.2017. Our students had a geat time lighting Diya's and burning crackers.

A Day In Paradise

10 Sep, 2017

A Day in Paradise was arranged by Reachout for the Underpriviledged children where we at Unmish set up a stall to display the Vocational products made by our Children.We also had various performances by our Children. The Event was a huge sucess.


05 Sep, 2017

Unmish organised a small ceberation on Teachers Day where our children showed their love and affection for their Teachers by various dance,singing,poetry reciting performances.


15 Aug, 2017



28 Jan, 2017

We organized a Picnic for both the children and their respective parents at Lions Safari Park on Saturday, 28th January 2017.It was an idea of giving children fun by providing an open atmosphere for the child to enjoy the beauty of nature. 50 children from Unmish with their parents and caregivers were present at the picnic. There was food, music dance and games. We also put up a drawing competition for the children.


Diwali celebrations At Unmish

26 Oct, 2016

Unmish celebrates Diwali every year with its children. It is a day dedicated to the children for their fun and enjoyment where they are given a lot of gifts and they are given a lot of gifts and they also burn soundless crackers.

World Cerebral Palsy Day

02 Oct, 2016

UNMISH had organized a seminar in association with Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy, West Bengal Branch for parental awareness on World Cerebral Palsy Day, 2012. Professionals and parents together discussed issues relating to Cerebral Palsy.


02 Oct, 2016

UNMISH has organised many events, seminars, workshop to spread awareness, acceptance, for its vision of an 'Inclusive Society'. Another step forward ,this time Unmsh is coming up with an revolutionary event ‘Ek Muskaan Ke Liye’ , specially conceptualised to give a day of fun and enjoyment to the special ones on 2nd October Sunday 2016, 10am onwards at the Agri-Horticulture Society of India, Alipore, Kolkata.

An event for 500 children with special needs, their parents and professionals from NGO, Special schools, and integrated schools working with such children. Our aim is to give our children a barrier free environment conducive for fun and enjoyment. This would not only give them enjoyment but also participation and spread awareness and acceptance. The event has cultural programmes, games, dance, music, art, refreshments, gifts specially arranged for every child. All schools working with such children have been invited to the event with their children and representatives. The regular school students would be volunteering at the event. There is no charge whatsoever for the children.

The Honourable Minister of Health and Family welfare, Women Development and Social Welfare,Child development, Dr. Sashi Panja would be presiding over the event . Distinguished personalities and guests from all walks of life including Tollywood stalwarts, various institutional heads, Heads of Departments from Police, Army and Medicine, Industrialists,have consented to come and witness the event.

We have got a huge response and cooperation from the society. There is just few days left to the event and our team is all geared up for Ek Muskaan Ke Liye. Support us in this noble cause to make the event a success and experience happiness.


02 Oct, 2016

Although a total of 1000 people were estimated, the outcome was approximately double of it( above 2000) making EK MUSKAAN KE LIYE a huge success.The event mobilized children with special needs by allowing and encouraging them to come out and interact with others; also let others realize their potential.Thus, proving that the special ones are indeed special and they also can participate and enjoy in events and parties like the regular children. 
This was also a step in helping parents of special children to come out of their fear and further motivate their children to lead a normal life.The program was again a small step towards an inclusive society as not only special child ren and parents participated but also students and teachers from regular school participated and worked hand in hand with them.
As it is believed that snowflakes melts one at a time in spring, a small initiative like EK MUSKAAN KE LIYE did melt the initial inhibitions within every sector of our society.

Observing World Autism Awareness Day

02 Apr, 2016

2nd April is World Autism Awareness Day and we decided to stage a play because visual and theatrical medium is always the best to explain the difficulties faced by the children and their parents in the society.

The concept of the play was given by Nita Diwan. The play was enacted by children of Nautanki Kolkata - a group working with children having Thalassemia. The Facilitator of the play was Ms. Prakriti Dutta, (masters in Music from Edinburgh) the director of the play Dr. Abhishek Bose (professor of Calcutta University).

This play focused hugely on music and physical acting, as an alternative communication medium, as most of the children with Autism are non- verbal.

The play was followed by panel discussion to explain the need and contents of the play. The panelists were Dr. J. R. Ram (consultant psychiatrist), Dr. Sudha Kaul (Trustee, IICP), Ms. Prakriti Dutta (M. Sc., Music)

The event was attended by a number of pediatricians, neurologists, neuro-psychiatrists, surgeons, orthopedics and other doctors from different streams. It was also attended by different school heads and representatives of pre-schools, montessories, high schools and colleges. Students and teachers from psychology department also attended the event. There were other professionals from field of disability who attended as well as asked several questions to the panelist.

The children and parents enjoyed it the most and we got a standing ovation. The event was no doubt a huge success.

UNMISH was selected as one of the credible NGOs amongst hundreds of NGO s in West Bengal for ‘Kolkata Gives’ event on 

Observing World Disability Day

03 Dec, 2015

‘World Disability Day’ is observed on 3rd December around the globe for Awareness, Support and to create a better world for children with disability.

UNMISH planned a lunch party for children and their parents in Pizza Hut, CamacStreet on 3rd December, 2015 and created a barrier free environment.

Autism Awareness Day

02 Apr, 2015

In 2005, 1 out of every 166 child had autism and the present statistics says 1 out of every 68 child has Autism. 

UNMISH created an awareness program on 2nd April 2015 which was the 8th World Autism Awareness Day. The doctors, professionals, teachers, parents and children were invited. 

Unmish received “National PR Day Award” of Excellence in the category of Social Project from the Public Relation Society of India on 21st April, 2015.

Invitation to a medical symposium by Biswa Bandhan

11 Jan, 2015

UNMISH was invited to a medical symposium by on Cerebral Palsy by Biswa Bandhan and the founder of UNMISH Nita Diwan interacted with former governor Shri. M.K. Narayanan Sir, Dr. Bhabotosh Biswas, VC of West Bengal University of Sciences and Dr. Apurba Ghosh, Head of Institute of Child Health. It was a huge platform among Donors and NGOs.


Seminar with Doctors

01 Jan, 2014

UNMISH invited Paediatric Neurologist Doctor RAJIV SAMANTA from Indian Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata. He not only gave information about neuro motor disorder and treatment but also answered questions of parents whose children are undergoing therapy at UNMISH
UNMISH grows

UNMISH grows

01 Jan, 2014

UNMISH shifted to a bigger premises of 2000 Sq. Ft. in the year 2014 to accommodate the growing need of children. It was inaugurated by eminent dancer Miss. Alokananda Roy 

Parental Awareness Program

28 Feb, 2013

UNMISH had held the parental awareness program at Primary Colours on 28th February, 2013. The parents had gathered to listen to a talk on various issues faced by children in the formative years. Parents discussed their problems which they faced due to lack of awareness.

Hospital Services Program

01 Nov, 2012

One out of every five child requires special attention. From the very first day when a child is born it is important to identify them. UNMISH opened a therapy Unit at Sanjiban Hospital at Uluberia in November 2012 seeing patients in OPD, NICU and SCUBU.

Birth of Unmish

01 Aug, 2009

Unmish embarked its journey in August 2009