Center for Specialised Therapy for Children
  • UNMISH - Centre for Special Children

  • Ongoing Therapy at Unmish

  • Each child is given intense Care

  • Ongoing Music Therapy at UNMISH

  • Ongoing Therapy at Unmish

  • Nita Diwan, the founder of UNMISH received the Asadharan Award, 2016

Welcome to Unmish

'UNMISH' means a bird just before flying /bud just before blooming.

UNMISH, centre for children, provides special school, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, special education, speech, music, dance and movement therapy. Based in South-Kolkata, we are a non-profit organisation committed to the well being of each child and parent to lead an independent and dignified life. Its name means a bird just before flying or the first flight of the bird from its nest. UNMISH is registered under the Indian Society Registration Act as 'ALIPORE UNMISH SOCIETY' in 2011.
Regn no. – S/ILI 96645.